Digital Sewing Patterns

Welcome to the home of Boo Le Heart’s Digital Sewing Patterns, available through my incredibly popular Etsy Shop… but first, here’s a freebie sewing pattern just for you!

Click on the following link to download the sewing pattern for my dust mask: Dust Mask pattern and instructions 2.0

Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, I have updated the dust mask pattern to include 2 layers of fabric – Choice for fabric a good quality cotton is best! 

A great stash buster that helps to keep those allergies at bay. For the rest of my range, scroll down and click on the link to my online shop!

Dust Mask pattern 3

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My sewing patterns come in two easy to print formats; (1) Ready to print for large format printing, as well as (2) ready to print onto paper with your home printer for an easy to assemble format (can be used for A4 or letter size pages).

Our sewing patterns include both IMPERIAL AND METRIC measurements, as well as detailed sewing requirements and instructions.

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